Saturday, November 1, 2014

10 Infinte Limits: Who is Charleigh McAfee

Charleigh McAfee is a character introduced in Ninety Degrees, the second book in the Small Circles series. She's that kind of person who doesn't appreciate herself as much as she should. She's used to getting things her way and doing things herself, two things I wish I had under my belt. She's always been able to understand her best friend, Silas, but things change when a new student transfers to Chattanooga Prep. As she shows interest in the new guy, feelings for another guy resurface, feelings she thought never had a chance. Her newly found obsession with finding love inevitably leads to heartbreak--who would've thought! Not me. Through all of this, she finds out that what she does matters.

Charleigh's got this free spirit vibe goin' on, and I really like it. With her dyed hair and written-on sneakers, you can probably find her look-a-like on tumblr. Her personality is different, so to say. She's got spunk that you don't see in characters these days. Even the way her name's spelled is different; you don't see that many Charleighs walking around with their names spelt like that. Or I just don't know many Charleighs.

Her relationship with Silas, her best friend, is honestly one of my favorites. Their relationship is genuine, and you can tell because Silas trusts Charleigh enough to tell her that he's gay. I really appreciate friendships like that because in some stories, the characters have crappy friends. It's nice to see a friendship that means a lot.

Charleigh and Logan. What can I say about them? A lot. Their relationship is slightly complicated so to say. Well for starters, Charleigh had feelings for Logan and didn't think he'd ever recuperate them... Surprise! And then of course Logan inches away because he's not good for her or he's a bad influence. Something like that, I don't  remember. And honestly, this was different because usually, the guy uses the fact that he's a bad influence as an asset. Another thing I appreciated.

Let's move on, shall we? Hey, look, there's another boy?? What a shocker. The thing is, I actually liked Tucker. He genuinely liked Charleigh and wasn't that much of a douche. Although I have to say, stealing the pills for his brother wasn't the best idea. I like how their relationship started in art class and Charleigh wouldn't include him in their art project and how it "blossomed like beautiful, horny butterflies." That quote was brought to you by my friend, Bailey.

All in all, Charleigh McAfee is a unique character with an interesting story. If you want more info on her, I suggest reading Ninety Degrees I remember remotely nothing from that book. Stay tuned for the next post which is going to be up today because, wow, all f my posts are overdue. Help. :)


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