Saturday, November 1, 2014

10 Infinite Limits: What Does Small Circles mean to Me

Books have the tendency to stay with us long after we finish reading them. That's an understatement. They don't have the tendency, they just do. That's basically my relationship with Small Circles. 

Books also have the tendency to pull on your heartstrings and make you cry like a baby, good and bad. Or maybe a mix of both. Small Circles is one of those cases because it's like Megan just reached into my head and pulled out all of my problems and feelings and put them into different scenarios. And for that, I say thank you, Megan. It's like you just get it and it's really refreshing. 

Small Circles speaks about things that some people are scared to talk about. But that doesn't solve the problem. That just leaves it there with the possibility of getting worse. The only way we are going to solve things is taking the first step and acknowledging that things are wrong. I really appreciate that throughout the book, problems weren't made light of and that they're treated with the air of seriousness it deserves. Four for you, Megan. You go, Megan. Ah, Mean Girls. 

I feel like you could say that Small Circles is one of those things where you could say a lot but you can't get it out because of the fact that the thing means so much to you that you can't possibly get out everything you want to say. Or maybe I'm just tired. Probably both. 

If anything, thanks to Megan for creating characters that I love and a story that will stay in my heart forever. 


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