Saturday, August 16, 2014

Book Review: Tortured Souls by Kimberly Wheaton

Before I start this review, I'd like to say a few words: Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even, I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW, PLEASE. Ah, now that I have that out of the way, I can finally start my review without fangirling too hard.

Kimberly has created a fantastic story, with amazing characters, a compelling plot, and so much more. The plot was just right, and things didn't feel rushed or too slow. A thing that really annoys me is when the pacing in a story doesn't feel right and is choppy. Kimberly, you're doing it right. Another thing is that there are some parts that feel unnecessary, but fear not! Everything that happened was interesting and important, the circle itself, the investigations, everything. It's a win-win really, so basically, the plot was on point. 

The characters were phenomenal; they really made the story come alive. Kacie is a fantastic main character. She's very determined and knows what she wants to do and gets stuff done. Her backstory just made me cry and look up to her as a character. Throughout parts of the novel, she lets herself cry, because God forbid main characters from having emtotions, but she doesn't over do it. Logan is a wonderful character, he's supportive, nice, and let's not forget a complete gentleman. It's a nice break from your usual brooding, dark male lead. Let me get this out: We need more people like him! Guys are just really stupid, that's all I'm saying. I just really appreciated his character. Rebecca, Carl, and all of the other members of the circle helped the story come to life. They're funny, sarcastic, and honestly remind me of people I know in real life. I especially loved Daniel's nickname for Kacie, it's little things like that that really make the book special and entertaining. The relationship between Kacie and her family made my heart melt, which is something I rarely say. The protectiveness they show throughout the course of the novel was very heartwarming. I really liked the development between Kacie and her father. Even though he doesn't believe her at first, but slowly learns to accept her for who she is, along with her abilities. To me, this is something that should be touched upon more. Being in the same situation, but obviously not possessing supernatural abilities, I know how it feels like to be put down for the things I have, while my parents don't believe me, just because it's something they don't have cold, hard facts on. So thank you, Kimberly. 

I could say so much more about this book, but we'd be here all day. Plus, I think if consist mostly of fan girdling in all-caps. All in all, this book was very fun to read, making me cry, laugh, and squeal. Thank you, Kimberly for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book. Guys, please check it out, because it's totally worth reading. 


***im so sorry this is up so late, because school has been so busy, and I haven't had time to sit down and write my review. But better late than never.***

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Lauren. I'm so glad you enjoyed Tortured Souls!